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We know how to work alongside the business.

If you scale your business and want to expand your team, juggling multiple tasks and focusing on the recruitment can be challenging. That is why you can count on our experience and support within: FinTech, Digital/E-commerce, Engineering and Pharmaceutical industries.

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Achieve your goals with us!

Properly conducted due-diligence process of your organization, a detailed market analysis and our experience in designing personalized HR and recruitment processes, will help you reach your business goals.

Being Sherlock Holmes.

How to reach out to the candidates, who are not actively looking for new opportunities? The answer is sourcing. Forceful strategy is the key step to hire outstanding people. It is like being the Sherlock Holmes and using the unconventional thinking to find the best people on the market. That’s the sourcing magic we use.

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We hire specialists and managers in a flash.

We know that each recruitment process which is based on thourough evaluation of skills and potential leads to extraordinary results. Just like a great coach. You arrive for the first football training and you end up having a great career as a tennis player. We’ve learned that people matter the most. We have changed the often unpleasant recruitment process in an experience about which people happily tell others. We analyze, we ask questions and we try to map the future workplace as precisely as possible. Candidates often tell us that we have really changed their lives and companies value us for ideally performed recruitment.

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Our Services

Everyone is different! We are focused on an individual approach to every project.


We perform recruitment projects in Poland and abroad. We personalize our work to specific needs. We know that only excellent knowledge of the industry will ensure understanding of the sought-after profile. We use a number of methods tailored to a specific recruitment project. Our consultants are real experts and can find the best talent.

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We find the best. We manage to find experts and offer them more attractive professional challenges. We also understand that when it comes to managers, confidentiality, comfort of the process as well as strong knowledge of the working envorinment are crucial elements of efficient recruitment. We specialize in non-standard recruitment techniques and we utilize behavioral interviewing as well as personality tests. 

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Do you manage your own company or a team? Are you aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your organization? Stop right here and think about it for a minute. Focus on details. Define and map out your business goals. Determine your needs and share them with us. We will help you make it work. We perform optimization of people management processes and we determine HR solutions for new business projects.

Development Center

We are convinced that wrong placements can break the foundations of even a very stable and strong organization and well-selected employees are able to change a growing company into a global player.

It all comes down to a thorough analysis of a given employee - defining the potential and then delegating tasks corresponding to certain qualifications. 

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"As a Talent Acquisition Manager at Capita, where I work closely with the HR Contact team, I would without hesitation recommend their services to any company due to their efficiency and custom made solutions. The main qualities of HR Contact are their excellent customer service and flexibility. Their international team not only possesses great knowledge in terms of international labour markets, but they have outstanding skills to reach the most sought-after candidates. I fully endorse HR Contact for any project from junior to senior level."

Tamas Bertalan Veres, Talent Acquisition Manager, Capita
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„I loved working with the HR Contact team. In addition, the quality of candidates is far superior to any other agencies I have worked with in the past. The team always goes the extra mile to ensure we are satisfied with candidates and provides assistance with onboarding once candidate is selected. Very professional staff with outstanding support."

Cherie Crown, ATC Aerospace

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We are focused on an individual approach to every project.

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