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We realize that hiring is an important decision for both the candidate and the client.

In our daily work, we exemplify values of openness and empathy. We understand the expectations of candidates and we know how to connect them with the business needs of our clients. Our partnership approach is the essence of what makes us stand out from the crowd.

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Our specializations

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Finding HR talent is what we excel at. As an agency, we assist in building internal HR departments not only by supporting the hiring process itself, but also training staff and providing complex solutions tailored to individual needs. Keep in mind that employees are the most valuable asset of your enterprise. Investing in human capital is a key factor for its growth.

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According to Murphy's law "If anything can go wrong, it will". But it won't if you hire great engineers with us. We’ve successfully completed various recruitment projects for clients from industries such as: automotive, aviation and machining. When it comes to hiring technical staff - expertise is the key to success. Our competent industry experts know how to select the best people for your organization.

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Excellent knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, its know-how and awareness of how strict the recruitment process is are the three advantages of working with us. We cooperate with chains as well as private pharmacies. We have years of experience in finding and placing candidates for various positions: pharmacy managers, pharmacy consultants, certified pharmacy technicians and pharmacy supply chain coordinators. And most importantly, the knowledge of the Pharmaceutical Inspectorate requirements allows us to offer the best and most secure solutions.

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Great sales people and efficient marketing are the grounds of each development strategy. Our clients know that we can find the best experts that will lead your company in order to succeed on the market.

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We know that IT experts belong to a group of most sought-after candidates. This industry requires fast and accurate decisions just like in a computer game. We work globally and we know the secrets of international markets. With the use of dedicated recruitment methods, our consultants will help you hire employees ideally tailored to your expectations.

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Today’s employee market requires efficient and friendly recruitment. We understand the reality and we can target the best candidates within the finance industry. We have successfully performed a wide range of recruitment projects in Poland and abroad.

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Our Services


and selection

We perform recruitment projects in Poland and abroad. We personalize our work to specific needs. We know that only excellent knowledge of the industry will ensure understanding of the sought-after profile. We use a number of methods tailored to a specific recruitment project. Our consultants are real experts and can find the best talent.

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We find the best. We manage to find experts and offer them more attractive professional challenges. We also understand that when it comes to managers, confidentiality, comfort of the process as well as strong knowledge of the working envorinment are crucial elements of efficient recruitment. We specialize in non-standard recruitment techniques and we utilize behavioral interviewing as well as personality tests. 

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Do you manage your own company or a team? Are you aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your organization? Stop right here and think about it for a minute. Focus on details. Define and map out your business goals. Determine your needs and share them with us. We will help you make it work. We perform optimization of people management processes and we determine HR solutions for new business projects.


Development Centre

We are convinced that wrong placements can break the foundations of even a very stable and strong organization and well-selected employees are able to change a growing company into a global player.

It all comes down to a thorough analysis of a given employee - defining the potential and then delegating tasks corresponding to certain qualifications. 

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Experience and knowledge - We are a team of HR specialists with over 10 years of experience. Each and every project is lead by a professional with a solid background in your field.

Effectiveness - We deliver the most effective and scalable HR solutions.

Savings in time - We handle the entire recruitment process strategically - from assessing and identifying the expected requirements to hiring the candidate.

We’re multilingual - We speak five languages: Polish, English, German, French and Russian. We keep on learning new ones!

Passive candidates - Let’s face it, people who are happy with their job just don’t look for a new one. This group is the most difficult to reach by recruiters. For employers, however, who demand top talents, they are a necessity. We reach them without any problem.

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