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We exist for people.

Matching people with job offers is often mechanical. There is lack of precise determination of authentic needs of people leading their business and exact evaluation of the candidate’s needs. During our evaluation process, many factors are taken into account before any potential matches are performed.

We understand people, we dedicate attention and we effectively recognize their qualifications. That is why we are able to ensure our clients with optimally selected staff – right people in the right place.

Good contact is a matter of trust.

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How we think

We support HR processes

Our mission is to unleash the business potential of our clients by professional and comprehensive support in all areas of HR. We continually advance our skills and experience in order to offer the most efficient and innovative HR solutions.

Good contact is our recipe for success.

We know that each company has its key values, each organization has a different atmosphere. Our job is to understand everything which is not in the brief because contact and people relations are what matters the most.

Our target is to become a widely recognized brand which will be valued for reliability and efficiency. A brand that will fulfill the expectations of those looking for a job as well as employers.

Because we care for people, we promote clear cooperation rules and we reach goals together.

People are different. People need individual attention. It is similar with recruitment projects – we treat these individually in order to take into account every aspect.

Our positive approach leads to great results as it enables us to build friendship with our clients which is based on understanding, engagement, loyalty and partnership in business.

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“They were polite, professional, not pushy. The interview was really good. They were transparent, open from the beginning and highly professional. Straight to the point. Most importantly – they were able to understand my needs and match them with the requirements of the company.”

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„Pierwszy raz zdecydowałem się na zatrudnienie za pośrednictwem agencji rekrutacyjnej. HR Contact poleciła mi znajoma, która niedawno korzystała z ich usług. Proces rekrutacyjny mogę opisać jednym słowem – SUPER. Byłem informowany o wszystkim na bieżąco. Rekruter, do którego mogłem się zwrócić w każdej chwili, dodatkowo pomógł mi wynegocjować lepsze warunki zatrudnienia.”

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