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We know how to work alongside the business.

If you scale your business and want to expand your team, juggling multiple tasks and focusing on the recruitment can be challenging. That is why you can count on our experience and support within: FinTech, Digital/E-commerce, Engineering and Pharmaceutical industries.

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Achieve your goals with us!

Properly conducted due-diligence process of your organization, a detailed market analysis and our experience in designing personalized HR and recruitment processes, will help you reach your business goals.

Being Sherlock Holmes.

How to reach out to the candidates, who are not actively looking for new opportunities? The answer is sourcing. Forceful strategy is the key step to hire outstanding people. It is like being the Sherlock Holmes and using the unconventional thinking to find the best people on the market. That’s the sourcing magic we use.

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"As a Talent Acquisition Manager at Capita, where I work closely with the HR Contact team, I would without hesitation recommend their services to any company due to their efficiency and custom made solutions. The main qualities of HR Contact are their excellent customer service and flexibility. Their international team not only possesses great knowledge in terms of international labour markets, but they have outstanding skills to reach the most sought-after candidates. I fully endorse HR Contact for any project from junior to senior level."

Tamas Bertalan Veres, Talent Acquisition Manager, Capita
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„I loved working with the HR Contact team. In addition, the quality of candidates is far superior to any other agencies I have worked with in the past. The team always goes the extra mile to ensure we are satisfied with candidates and provides assistance with onboarding once candidate is selected. Very professional staff with outstanding support."

Cherie Crown, ATC Aerospace

Success Stories



In order to win you must play!

Our skilled IT recruitment team found a Business Development Manager for a global gaming company to work in Hong Kong. The candidate required not only over 10 years of experience in the gaming industry on Asian markets but he also needed to speak Chinese and English fluently. Our candidate came from Singapore and he has become a great leader to the team. 



We diagnose needs. At the speed of light.

Our client was relentlessly looking for a consultant to work for a large pharmacy chain. Unfortunately, the search was to no avail. We solved the problem within just 3 days! After having negotiated the salary which suited both sides, the candidate has become the pharmacy manager.



Technology screams innovation. So do we at HR Contact.

Looking for a Sales Manager for an international IT company in New York was a quite demanding project. The ideal profile required a combination of sales and technical skills. We relocated the happy candidate from Cleveland to New York within two weeks. Once again, we proved that we are not just average.



HR is the way to go!

Sometimes our work is behind the scenes. We assisted our client from Canada in opening a branch in Poland. During the entire project, we worked relentlessly hand in hand with the management in Canada. We chose the perfect location that met the company’s needs, provided information about the local employment market and found key candidates in just a matter of days.


Customer service

Think globally, act locally.

Needless to say, not every HR agency is able to find candidates in South Korea, Malaysia or Brazil and relocate them to Poland. But it was no problem for us. We’ve recruited customer support specialists from the most remote parts of the world to work in industries such as gaming, IT or finance. Among them, there were many native speakers of English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, Korean and Russian. On behalf of our client, we negotiated employment contracts with the candidates and supported them during relocation and throughout the onboarding process.



New challenges are at the reach of your hand!

Our German client was looking for a multilingual Financial Controller. Long story short, we found the candidate - mission accomplished! Apart from perfect English and German skills, many years of experience in finance was a must. Much to everyone’s satisfaction, the successful candidate moved from Warsaw to the southern part of Poland.

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